Drew Brees leaves a $3 tip for a $74 bill

Hopefully TheDirty.com doesn’t get this watress fired, but either Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a bad tipper or the service was bad.



H/T Black Sports Online



  1. paco martinez says

    The article says: “QB Drew Brees DISSES waitress w/ bad tip.” ??
    Since BREES is a Super Bowl winning QB, millionaire and popular personality shouldn’t it read:
    “Waitress gives crummy service and is rewarded with a $3 buck tip..!!

    Just the way the headline reads sounds like Brees is screwing over some poor, young working gal.
    IF she got $3 bucks you can be SURE that’s ALL she deserved.
    Hell, maybe she was ‘coked out’ , “stoned” or otherwise impaired herself.WHY should the millionaire have to explain himself to everybody when in all probability his party got crappy service.
    NOTE: He should have asked for mgmt. and given specifics as to how much he left and WHY .
    You jokers in the media–always trying to stoke a fire.

  2. Anonymous says

    What a cheap #(?@#(?@(*@ I cannot even explain. I mean even if he is rich he doesn’t have to leae 100$ but at least the 15% which is roughly 12$, cheapo, I hope they rag him like crazy

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