Drew Brees apologizes for WMD comment

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On Monday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees posted a message on Twitter that compared the current bounty scandal to the Iraq war when the U.S. claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they ended up being wrong.  It looks like after listening to responses from numerous people, he realized it wasn’t the best thing the say.

Brees took some time out of his day on Tuesday to apologize for his now famous WMD comment.

There’s no question that the comment Brees made yesterday was dumb.  Right now it would be better for him and the current and former Saints players that are involved in the scandal to remain quiet.


  1. njsaintsfan says

    Wait a minute….why is that a dumb comment on Drews part? Because people really do believe everything they hear? His statement was right on point! As a journalist (if you can really call yourself that) you should know how utterly simple it is to persuade the general public into believing things. His comment had nothing to do with the Military Service Men and Women. Nor was it comparing the Saints orgaization to the Iraqi government. Drew should have never apologized for that comment. THE COMPARISON WAS RIGHT ON POINT…The US believed there were WMD’s because they listened to people who were bullshitters! He is telling us the same thing here. That the NFL is pulling one over on the fans and that we need to open our eyes here. Besides, why the hell are we defending the goddamn NFL? I would trust Drew Brees’ opinon any day of the week before I listen to some multi billion corporation that is more concerned about setting examples than getting to the actual truth of the matter. Drew your only mistake was apologizing for your remarks. Service men and women have no say in where they are sent. My point being that your comment was not offensive to them. They had to go to Iraq regardless of what they or the public thought. The government sent them there…they didn’t send themselves because they wanted to go rid the world of WMD’s they had a job to do. Just because some cry baby in a uniform or the mother of a soldier decides to complain about his comment dosen’t mean Drew should apologize. I have met a lot of nut bags in my day and some have worn uniforms and some have been the mothers of one. Just because someone is military connected, that doesn’tautomatically make them 1. Intelligent 2. Immune to being a Jackass OR 3. A stand up citizen. Stick to your guns Drew, the American people are sheep…it’s just part of the herd mentality, they can’t help it.

  2. Bergs says

    Well done, njsaintsfan…thanks for saving me the trouble.

    I will add that “journalists” who attempt to force moral equivalence onto every analogy or metaphor do neither themselves, their readers, or their profession any good.

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