Doug Williams says the Bucs wanted to draft Mark Sanchez, not Josh Freeman

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers front office executive Doug Williams made an appearance on the Ron and Ian Show on 620 WDAE Thursday morning and stated that the Bucs wanted to draft Mark Sanchez over Josh Freeman in the 2009 NFL Draft.

“When Josh came out, i was probably one of the two people in the room who wanted Josh Freeman at the time,” said Freeman, via The Bay Cave. “Most of the brass, not talking about the owners because I don’t know what their mindset was, evidently it had to be Josh Freeman because that’s who we picked, everybody wanted to trade for Sanchez at the time.”

Williams says he was right there when the Bucs talked about trading up for Sanchez.

“I laugh, when I hear them talk about Josh Freeman. I know they wanted Mark Sanchez. I sat right there while they were talking about trading up and getting Sanchez and all these different scenarios. Raheem Morris was the strongest guy in there. I remember the owners asking me which quarterback I liked. I said, “If you want someone to play right now, take Sanchez. But I think over the long haul, Josh is going to be better,’ and I think he’s proven that.”

While Freeman has had his ups and downs so far in his career, I think he’s going to be a much better quarterback than Sanchez down the road.


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