Doug Free might be done in Dallas

According to, there’s a chance the Dallas Cowboys decide to move on from Doug Free this coming offseason.

 We hear the Cowboys like what they saw from Jermey Parnell in his late-season rotation at right tackle with Doug Free. That could spell doom for Free and his massive contract returning to Dallas next season.

Free is scheduled to make $7 million in 2013, which is way too much money for an average player.



  1. Anonymous says

    more players than Free needs to go.I would rather see a bunch of rookies on offense,than these overpaid veterans making these mistakes.Draft a new qb,stud running back and a any receiver that runs a 4.3 40.Triplets..Let those young players jell OU Laundry Jones,SC Lattimore (he was hurt but he’s the real deal)any wideout that blaze to stretch the bryant and whitman came work underneath.Murray is average,we need a stud running back 25 to 30 carries per take pressure of rookie of the draft use on offensive lineman,hold an open tryout with free agents included.Lean the defense alone.

  2. Anonymous says

    one other thing,Jason Garrett CAN NOT MANAGE A FOOTBALL GAME ,PERIOD. Jerry,you might wonna give Jason the first 8 games of the next season and if he’s not 5-3 0r 6-2 give him the axe.Give Ryan a offensive coordinator and let him win some superbowls for you.i think Ryan is the real deal.He’s a in your face football guy,which currently you don ‘t have at headcoach.Plus he is well respected around the league.Ryan would bring instant credibility,tough defense and smash out running game.LIke ravens,bengals.

  3. Wags33 says

    Did Doug Free Even Start a resemblance of a Career in Dallas??? Another off the cuff and BONEHEAD signing by our GM of the Century,,, Jerry P.T. Barnum Jones!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    to hell with dallas a nobody team to many chieves not enough indians. besides witten its me, me and me. the way it is and will always be, greed with power of players and as a team. no leadership and definete romo has to go. under pressure he cant stand and has no ball placement in the pocket. until major changes instead of saying so by jerk jones, dallas goes nowhere. sorry to say. near by giant fan.

  5. Anonymous says

    jason garret is not a coach not even close, as a qb he took plays from high tec personel. so i dont see nothing ;but he played for dallas as a back up and see him as that, that is all he was worth. not a comander; in chief like staubach and aikman bad choice from jerk jones, garret must be his pet.jones is like justice blind as a bat.haha true

  6. Anonymous says

    doug free isn,t even trade quality cut his butt.things have got to change with dallas offensive line right is slow not very athletic at all.his jerry jones contract is right besides miles austins contract as being the 2 worst contracts jerry j.has ever dished out.austin is at least trade quality

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