Doug Baldwin: Seahawks have the best receiving corp in the NFL

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin clearly isn’t afraid to speak his mind.  He told the media on Thursday that he believes they have the best receiving corp in the NFL.

“I would have to tell you, honestly, that this is probably the best receiving corps in the NFL from the top down,” said Baldwin, via “Some would probably look at me like I’m crazy, because nobody has 1,000 yards.”

Baldwin makes the case that it’s not about stats.

“But if you look at the efficiency of the receivers from the top down, it’s unreal,” Baldwin said. “You’ve got Golden Tate, who is probably one of the most electrifying receivers in the game when he gets the ball in his hands. Then you have the most efficient guy in the league in Jermaine Kearse. Every ball that’s thrown to him, it’s pretty much caught.”

Baldwin claims the Seahawks receivers are “elite.”

“We have elite receivers – and yes, I said elite receivers – on this roster that are capable of doing so much more,” Baldwin said. “But we’re winning games, and that’s all that matters.”

“You saw great examples of our wide receivers in this last game, and how they’re not afraid to be physical,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said of the 34-7 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. “Some of the blocks – whether it’s Jermaine putting a guy on his back on the screen we threw out to Golden or asking our wide receivers to block a defensive end at the point on a toss crack – our receivers love it.

“They know our mentality. They don’t want to be left out in it, so they love to be physical.”

I get what Baldwin is trying to say, but the Seahawks dominant running game helps them out a lot.