Doug Baldwin: I’ll gladly show Cris Carter my Super Bowl ring

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn’t hesitate to rip Cris Carter after his comments about Seattle’s receivers this week.

“That dude (Carter) that said we were appetizers, he told me to Google him. And I did Google him, but I didn’t see any Super Bowl appearances. I did see two conference championship losses, so I have a Super Bowl ring that I will gladly show to him.  And if he doesn’t have time to come see it, tell him to Google it,” said Baldwin.



  1. Sanford Epstein says

    Doug Baldwin is a gentleman for even showing Carter his ring when Doug receives his. Doug Baldwin is the highest of ethical and hard working individuals. He deserves everything good in his life and I personally hope that this is only the first of his superbowl rings. Doug Baldwin = class.

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