Donte Whitner on Kaepernick posing nude: He’ll “receive some flak in the locker room”

colin kaepernick

San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently appeared on ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue where athletes pose in the nude (Fine! I’ll give you the link.) From, 49ers safety Donte Whitner was asked what he thought about Kaepernick’s decision to appear in the magazine and it doesn’t sound like Whitner nor his teammates are going to give their quarterback a free pass.

“He’s the man right now, and that’s what he chose to do,” Donte Whitner said. “But he’s going to receive some flak in the locker room

Whitener was also asked if he would ever do the same thing.

I would never do that,” Whitner said on the Bull and Fox radio show. “To each his own. I don’t know about all the naked pictures and the lower body. I’m a little bit against that, but to each his own

Kaepernick is probably already expecting some teasing about the situation and won’t care. When you’re in the third year of your career and you just came off a season that not only showed your worth but also ended with a trip to the Super Bowl, you can take all the nude pictures you wont. Just don’t show them to anybody.

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