Donte Whitner, Ahmad Brooks want the NFL to start reviewing penalties with replay

As the 49ers prepare for their second game against the Rams of the season,  safety Donte Whitner can’t help but remember being flagged for a controversial touchdown-saving hit.  He was never fined for the hit since he ended up winning his appeal with the NFL.

“We really need to get something done about that — replay, something — so it doesn’t cost us football games,” Whitner said, via the San Jose Mercury News.

49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks agrees with Whitner.

“When defensive penalties happen, they should review them,” Brooks said. “It’s a call that goes up in the air.”

It would be great if the NFL could review everything so no mistakes would be made.  But let’s face it,  that will never happen because it would slw the game down too much.


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