Dont’a Hightower will take over play-calling duties for the Patriots defense

With linebacker Jerod Mayo out for the remainder of the season,  Dont’a Hightower will now have a chance to call the plays for the Patriots defense.

Hightower feels like he’s ready after all of the experience he had as a leader when he was at Alabama.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Hightower said. “I’ve talked to (defensive coordinator) Matty (Patricia). I’ve talked to (linebackers coach) Pepper (Johnson) about it. It’s definitely something that I knew down the road, if something ever happened, I knew that I would have to step up and do it.

“I’m not nervous about it. It’s something that I’ve done before, maybe not in the NFL, but I’ve done it before. I know everybody is behind me and they support me, so that’s all I can ask for.”

Hightower knows everything is on him when it comes to relaying the defensive call as well as pre-snap adjustments.