Donovan McNabb says RG3 is drawing too much attention to himself

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb believes that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is doing too much this offseason.

“It’s too much right now; it’s just too much,” McNabb said, via The Washington Post. “I get some of things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback. I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on.

McNabb is afraid people will expect too much from Griffin coming off of ACL surgery.

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs. Every week? Really? It becomes a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.”

“One thing Andy Reid did is he never let the injured guys become the story if they were off to the side at practice,” McNabb added, referring to the former Eagles coach. “He thought it took away from the guys who were grinding and practicing every day.

“So when I look up on TV and see him up there talking all the time about how great he’s doing — or doing jumping jacks or someone else talking about his supernatural healing powers — I wonder to myself: Is this about selling tickets to the fans or what?

“I don’t blame him. They’re letting him do it. But at some point, it can be counterproductive. You can set yourself up for more criticism later.”

McNabb says Griffin’s father should try to stay out of the spotlight himself and stay away from interviews.

“His dad should have never done a one-on-one interview like that,” he said. “You can’t say what he said because it almost undermines his son, who has to answer all the questions about it later. Now, we all know what he said was right. But that’s something you voice behind closed doors because otherwise it creates a wedge that didn’t have to be there. No team needs those kinds of things hovering over them.

“Like I said, I would really like for me and my dad to sit down with he and his dad just to tell them what we went through and talk about our experiences.”

McNabb didn’t like how RG3 handled the wedding registry fiasco.

“You don’t just send the gifts back, because that’s not right in its own way,” McNabb said. “But you also don’t take a picture with all the gifts people sent you from your wedding registry and then tweet it out. It’s almost like throwing it in the people’s face that bought you things. They see that photo and think, ‘What did I buy him something for? He didn’t need it with all these other people sending him things.’ ”

“When that happens, it just looks like rich people receiving things from the poor. I know his intention wasn’t that, but it’s the perception people take from it. It’s disrespectful. You just don’t do that.”

McNabb is trying not to come off like a former player who’s jealous.

“Look, I say these things because I’m a big fan of his,” McNabb said. “I want to see him play and do well for years to come. He is the future. Everybody — I mean, everybody — is talking about him.

“I just don’t want him to draw attention to himself in the wrong ways when he doesn’t need to. I’ve talked to Russell Wilson many times. We’ve had some great conversations. I know what it’s like to be young, good and have the world looking at you.

“My advice to any young quarterback off the top is this: You got spare time, spend it getting to know your teammates off the field. I used to invite mine to Arizona to train with me in the offseasons. Whatever you need to do, get to know them as a person, not just a player. Because that trust is all you have on Sundays.”



  1. Anonymous says

    mcnabb said rg3 would bomb out and I don’t think he liked that so mcnabb shut up no one cares what you say ima send mike over with a pizza again you keep it up

  2. Panzer369 says

    Hey Donovan have you talked to Andrew Luck? Are you even interested or are you just the worlds leading authority now on African American Quarterbacks?

  3. Anonymous says

    HEY MCNABB dont get mad because rg3 is gonna have a bigger career than you. its ok that you are i loser and jellious of him. hey i hear a little league football team whats to sign you.

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