Donovan McNabb says he’s the most criticized quarterback in NFL history

Just a day after saying that Robert Griffin III won’t be a good fit in the Washington Redskins offense, Donovan McNabb was back on ESPN’s first take and this time claimed that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t the most criticized quarterback in NFL history, but rather he is.

“Tim Tebow,” Bayless said, “is the most unfairly, over-criticized quarterback in the history of this league.”

McNabb quickly interjected, “Negative — I am.”

“I am,” McNabb continued. “Nobody has been criticized as much as I have.”

While I understand where McNabb has been coming from over the past couple of days with his thoughts about Tebow and RGIII, I still get the sense that he’s angry that his NFL career has fizzled out the way it has.

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  1. jerry says

    Does McNabb keep a notebook with all the criticism he’s gotten? Along with all the critizism that every other quarterback has gotten? I suppose he then collates and compares numbers and VIOLA! Comes up with more critizism than any other quarterback ever! Come on, considering the savage criticism that many, if not most, quarteracks receive it’s impossible to say who has gotten it the worst. I’m sure every reviled quarterback feels like he’s gotten it the worst but most still have enough sense not to cry like a baby publicly about it.
    McNabb was one of the first succesful black quarterbacks, he got some extra hype because of that, but that’s OK, there weren’t many before him so there’s a bit extra attention, kind of like the hype Jeremy Lin has gotten, but along with that hype comes some extra attention when things dont’ go so well. That’s just part and parcel of being an NFL quarterback, if McNabb can’t understand that he can’t be that bright. Sorry, it’s clear he has no perspective and is bitter about negative stuff that has happned. Boo Hoo, he got paid great money to play a game, at a position that is a lightning rod for attention and criticism. If he couldn’t take it he should have passed on playhing in the NFL and done something else for a living. Cry me a river.

  2. Justin says

    Two QB’s that are far more talented and overcritisized are Tony Romo and Eli Manning. Sure, Eli won a SB this year is deemed elite, but if they slide this year, it will undoubtedly fall on Eli. Both of these fall just under the elite QB’s and they are always under the microscope. I feel bad for how the Eagles departed with McNabb, but he has done little to help his case since leaving. His mouth is his biggest problem. Which interestingly enough is not an issue with Romo or Manning. They play the game and are accountable for their mistakes, instead of blaming others. Tebow is not very good, so it’s hard to say he is overcritisized.

  3. Panzer369 says

    News Flash Donovan…You are not in the NFL. So you cannot be the most criticized player. Funny how torching your last three employers has guaranteed your best chance of seing a game this year is as a peanut vendor. Maybe someone will sign you under the any publicity is good publicity marketing strategy I mean you have probably helped tourism in all the cities you have left and subsequently torched.

  4. John says

    I believe Tony Romo would take exception to your remarks, McNabb. You should thank Andy Reid for hiding your shortcomings for so long.

  5. Will says

    He is criticized a lot but all most all of the critics are right. When people said he was done, He was throwing balls at the ground. The only incorrect critizism was his toughness. He was pretty tough for a Quarterback. As an Eagles fan, I enjoyed him with the Birds but he needs to move on.

  6. bluz1st says

    I would have to agree with him. Never really thought about it but he is probably right. As for Tebow, Skip Bayless made a pretty stupid assertion given that Tebow has only played ONE season. Just sayin…….

  7. Zach Mac says

    idc what anyone says McNabb is telling the truth…. when McNabb was great from 2000 – 2009 it was Andy Ried and the front Office not bringing in weapons to help him or Injurys holding him down. then when they finally bring in weapons on offence (D-Jac, Maclin, Avant, McCoy, Celek) they give Donovan 1 year with them all together in 2009 and we get beat in the first round of the playoffs, McNabb said “we showed our youth” after the game and everyone got on him for saying that when it was nothing but the truth…then Reid trades him in favor of Kevin Kolb and we don’t even give him one year as a full time starter… NOW we have Vick who honestly only had 6 great games (which were his first couple games back) then defences remembered how to play him (HIT HIM) and all he does is run and get hurt or throw a pick….but in his defence Andy Ried does not help much.

  8. Tim says

    1. Bayless is a complete idiot and he really should STOP trying to get a date with Tebow in public forums.
    2. McNabb was critized abit but playing Philly had alot to do with that, other QB have received more.
    3. how freaking slow is sports news when this is an article? yea basketball is relevent!

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