Donovan McNabb says he thinks the Eagles see it’s not easy getting to the playoffs

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb says he thinks his former team is starting realize getting to the playoffs isn’t an easy task.

“Making it to the NFC Championship (Game) is not easy, and I think they’re starting to see that right now, that getting to the playoffs and going to the NFC Championship consistently, it’s just not that easy,” McNabb said Thursday on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, via “There are teams right now who have winning records, like the Atlanta Falcons, they’ve done it for so many years, and they get to the playoffs, and all of a sudden, they’re one and done.”

As disgruntled as McNabb has been in the past about his exit from Philly, I have to agree with him.  The Eagles thought the grass was greener without him and aside from a playoff appearance in 2010, things have gone down hill.