Donovan McNabb: Mathew Stafford has done nothing to earn a new contract

donovan mcnabb

When Tony Romo received his contract extension earlier this offseason, Donovan McNabb came out and blasted the move by the Cowboys.

“What has he really done for the Detroit Lions?” McNabb said on Tuesday’s Total Access, via Down and Distance. “Nothing.”

McNabb continued his criticism.

“It’s about wins and losses again. Now, as a quarterback and as Matt Stafford, hey, I would take that contract just like Tony Romo took his contract. But is he worth top 5 money? I would have to say no. And I say that because it’s about wins and losses.”

McNabb has a valid argument since Stafford hasn’t done anything, but neither did McNabb.  He got the Eagles to a Super Bowl and to numerous NFC title games, but that all resulted in zero championships.

Since McNabb has a hard time understanding why the Lions signed Stafford to extension, I’ll break it down for him.

Stafford is better than half of the quarterbacks in the NFL right now.  He’s good enough to take the Lions to the playoffs.  They struggled last season because their best running back was a guy like Joique Bell.

At the end of the day, the Lions can’t afford to move on from Stafford right now.  They’re loaded with talent and need to try to win now.  They also had to lower Stafford’s cap number and did so by extending his contract.  He would have accounted for over $20 million of their cap for 2013.