Donovan McNabb blames the Redskins for the RG3 “media circus”

On FOX Football Daily,  former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb gave his thoughts on the Redskins Robert Griffin III’s season so far.

“Right now, it’s starting to get frustrating for him. And he’s never been in this position,” McNabb said regarding Robert Griffin III’s struggles this season,  via the Washington Post. “Last year everybody was patting him on the back and congratulating him on his rookie season, rookie of the year, putting up great numbers, a seven-game win streak, getting into the playoffs. But right now it’s been a bad moment for him. It’s been like a bad dream. And he’s stuck in it by himself.

McNabb blames the Redskins for the media circus that’s surrounded Griffin.

“Really, to be honest, it started this offseason,” he continued. “Because everyone tried to sugarcoat the fact that he shouldn’t have been in the game while he’s hurt, they’re trying to cover each other’s side, and then now you see him out on posters, rehabbing, getting his knee back, his health, he’s ready to go. And so it became a circus. I blame the Washington Redskins for this, because you’re in control of the cameras that are out there. You know that you have guys that are coming back off of injury and why are we seeing it on ESPN, why are we seeing it on the national news?….From that circus on to where we are right now, it’s a pattern in which we’ve seen it coming.”

McNabb was asked about RG3 not returning his calls.

“For me, it’s just lending a helping hand,” he said, when asked if RGIII should have called him back. “It wasn’t that he had to make a decision. To me, I’ve been in that situation. I know exactly what he’s going through. But is there somebody that’s helping him right now? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Because you don’t hear any of his teammates coming to his defense, speaking up and saying, ‘Hey you know what, I’ve got to play better, Robert did a good job today doing this, doing that, we all can get better.’ And this is something that happens in locker rooms. Jealousy kicks in, everybody all of the sudden shies away from the camera because they don’t want no one to focus on their flaws. ‘Let’s focus on Robert, because he’s the quarterback, he’s the guy that said he was ready, he’s gonna lead us back.’”

McNabb still wants to help Griffin anyway he can.  He had some advice for him.

“Take a deep breath,” McNabb said. “Focus in on what you’re doing wrong. Sit in the meeting room, just yourself, and watch yourself. Focus in on your mistakes. Go out there and practice, spend extra time, just on YOUR mistakes. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, because they’re clearly not focusing on what they’re doing, they’re focusing on what you’re doing. Put in that extra time, put in that extra effort, and good things will happen.”

Hopefully RG3 takes McNabb’s advice because what he’s been doing is clearly not working.



  1. Anonymous says

    For once I will say McNabb hit the nail on the head. Although he did not do much while was in town and he was at the end of his career, and a long time foe, I did not care for him because he beat us all the time and I had those same expectations of him when he came here, we beat nobody during that time of McNabb. But here, for whatever reason, he is one hundred percent correct on RG3’s situation. I love that RG3 is here. Not taking anything away from Cousins or White, but he is the QB that can and will get us to the SB. In order that to happen, we need a bigger “Hoggy” kind of Oline and a D that can actually stop someone. If the D can stop people and the O can get back on track we can win out and finish 8-8. Without both, we are looking at 5-11 at best.

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