Donald Driver is fine with his role on the Packers, as long as they win

Ian Rapoport of asked Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver how he’s handling his role this year, since he’s no longer a starter and not getting nearly the amount of playing time that he once did.

I’m fine with it,” Driver said. “Like I’ve always said, as long as we’re winning games, I’m OK. And that’s the biggest thing with me.”

With Greg Jennings out with a groin injury, Driver said he doesn’t know if his role will increase.

You know, I don’t know,” Driver said. “I’m just going to play the hand that’s dealt to me. I’m just going to continue to work out and continue to stay in shape and when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready to play.”

Driver really doesn’t have a choice but to accept his role with the Packers.  I really don’t believe any other teams would be interested in signing him at this point in his career.


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