Dolphins players deny harassing Jonathan Martin

According to the Palm Beach Post,  several Miami Dolphins players deny harassing offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

Offensive lineman Nate Garner says it was normal stuff that wasn’t serious.

Martin even posted a message on Facebook that read: “Happy Halloween! Don’t believe everything you read.”

It sounds like Martin may not have been harrarssed but may have snapped for numerous reasons.

Tyson Clabo wants to see Martin return to the team.

“I want him to come back to work. He’s a talented young football player.

“I can’t say what he’s feeling. I know if and when he wants to come back that I will be there to shake his hand.”

Clabo hasn’t contacted Martin yet.

“I’m just trying to let him figure out whatever he’s trying to figure out,” Clabo said. “It’s hard to say what’s going on in somebody’s mind.”

Garner also wants Martin to play for the Dolphins again.

“He’s a great dude,” Garner said. “He’s a good ball player.”

Former DOlphins tight end Joe Rose says teammates tease each other all the time.

“You pull pranks non-stop in the locker room,” Rose said. “I was a prankster. I was captain of the prankster club. You know they’re going to do stuff to you, you give it back. It’s part of camaraderie, part of being with your group.

“This is awful. … Some of it could be stress — he’s been really depressed the way he’s playing and he just snapped.”

Rose isn’t sure if Martin will be able to return to the Dolphins.

“How do you get him back, and everything is normal after the guy snapped, lost it, had a breakdown?” Rose said. “This is a breakdown to get that mad that you leave your job.”


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