Dolphins left tackle Jonathan Martin reportedly getting “owned” in practice

You have to wonder if the Dolphins will kick themselves some point this season for letting Jake Long leave in free agency.

Jonathan Martin has taken over for Long and according to the Miami Herald, he’s been getting “owned” in practice.

The game has seemingly slowed down for Olivier Vernon in his second season — at least when he is matched opposite left tackle Jonathan Martin. Vernon has owned Martin since the opening of camp and today was no different.

Vernon had three sacks against Martin during team periods. It’s great news for the defensive end. For the Dolphins starting left tackle, it is looking problematic at this point.

“I think it’s been going pretty well,” Martin said. “You have some good days and some bad days out there. My goal is to try to be consistent against a talented D-line … It’s been challenging but I like it. I like going against the best.”

Martin said his biggest focus is improving his hand placement and balance. On the bright side for Martin, a day after rookie Dion Jordan beat him twice for sacks, Martin got the better of the rookie Thursday. Jordan did not collect a sack against Martin.

I’m not sure how the Dolphins can expect second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill to improve if he’s on his back almost every play.


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