Most Dolphins fans disagreed with Don Jones being fined and suspended over his comments about Michael Sam

dolphinsMiami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones ended up in hot water this past weekend after he posted a controversial message on Twitter after Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on live TV.

Jones ended up getting fined and suspended and most Dolphins fans disagreed with the punishment.

  • Camilo Olmeda

    Miami you are The HORRIBLE

  • BeachN

    Defensive end for the St. Louis Rams, homosexual Michael Sam doesn’t mind displaying a private moment in public.
    There is a contrived media effort to shove acceptance down our throats so we all will become Politically correct.. It’s just not going to happen.. Cave in and get on the band wagon of acceptance all you want but many will not follow along no matter how many attempts are fired at you to make you feel odd man out.. Why is Michael Sam not being fined and going to sensitivity training? He needs the training to understand the sensitivity of a public display of something MANY find repulsive.. Why is that side not being represented? Our world is so out of control.. I have seen way too much in my lifetime that is just not logical..