Dick Vermeil believes the Eagles should hire Jon Gruden

Former Eagles great and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski has already made it clear that he believes his former team should hire Jon Gruden as their next head coach.

Now you can add former Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil to that list.

“My choice would be Jon Gruden,” Vermeil told 94 WIP’s Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow Tuesday afternoon. “… I just think he’s a helluva of football coach, and I don’t want him to make the mistake I made, to wait too long to go back. I just think he’s a helluva football coach and a great personality.”

He seemed to urge the Eagles not just to contact Gruden, 49, but to make a serious push.

“I’d do more than ask,” Vermeil said. “You know what I’d do? I’d get in a bus and take the bank with me.”

The only way I see Gruden leaving ESPN is if the Eagles make him an offer he can’t refuse and I honestly don’t believe he’s worth all of that money.





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