Dick LeBeau compared Jarvis Jones to Jason GIldon, Greg Lloyd

Steelers defensive coordinator Dick leBeau had some high praise and expectations for rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones.  He recently compared him to some all-time greats who at one time played for the Steelers.

The Steelers’ legendary defensive coordinator told reporters Thursday that Jones is “equal” to one-time Steelers edge rushers Jason Gildon, James Harrison, Greg Lloyd and Joey Porter and current Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley when comparing how those players were progressing at similarly early stages of their careers.

However, LeBeau indicated that Jones’ career is in its infancy.

“I don’t want to put that on him,” LeBeau said, according to a transcript from the club. “We’ll see how he develops. He has great work ethic. Obviously, we think he is playing well or we wouldn’t have started him.”

Too bad Jones can’t run the ball on offense and help out the Steelers rushing attack because they need it.  While the defense looks like they’ll be fine after losing James Harrison,  the offense needs a lot of help.