Dez Bryant will undergo a year of anger management

According to Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant will be forced to undergo anger management after having the case dismissed stemming from the incident in which he assaulted his own mother.

In effort to get the ugly incident in July behind him, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant entered a conditional dismissal agreement with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office in an effort to resolve the misdemeanor family charge involving his mother, Angela Bryant.

According to his attorney Royce West, Bryant will undergo a year of anger management counseling and must stay out of trouble for a year. If he does all that, the original charges will be dropped, per the agreement with the district attorney.

The key to the agreement, according to West, is that Bryant continues to maintain his innocence and never had to enter a plea.

“It did not require a plea to be entered, and we still say he is innocent of any charges,” West said. “But to get the issue behind him, we entered into this agreement with the district attorney. The bottom line is if Dez keeps his nose clean, and he has never been in trouble before, and if does counseling that he has already started, it will be dismissed in a year.”

Now Bryant needs to grow up, stay out of trouble and focus on being a great NFL receiver.


  • crossbones

    I’d be very angry if Jerry Jones were my boss…I’d voluntarily enter anger management to get his ugly face away from me…but then being a Giants fan…is there joyful management therapy available????

  • Haig Norwood

    Once Dez Bryant retires from football, how long do you think it will be, before he ends up like Allen Iverson, Travis Henry, Terrell Owens, Lawrence Taylor, Chris McAlister, Muhsin Muhammad, Latrell Sprewell, Kenny Anderson, Deuce McAllister and Scottie Pippen; just to name a few?

    • brad

      Can only imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Its a shame that a company has to pay such a high price for a high paid player to play.

  • Anonymous

    Bryant will screw this up. They always do!

    • Anonymous

      you sound like a HATER!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If it helps him, I will be happy!

  • Anonymous

    You can take the thug out of the hood but not the hood out of the thug

    • Anonymous

      November 15, 2012 by Paul Jackiewicz
      not NEWS!!!

  • Anonymous

    He’s going to spend 30 days with Buddy Riddell.

  • mykie

    he has no talent and this should have never gone on this long cut your losses cowboys get raid of him