Dez Bryant sent to the hospital due to back spasms

According to, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was at a local hospital on Monday morning because of  back spasms.

Bryant couldn’t finish last Sunday night’s game against the Redskins and couldn’t walk after the game.

“It completely locked up on him after the game,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said of Bryant’s back. “He couldn’t, literally people had to help him get his clothes on after the game, carry him to the bus and we put him up in first class on the plane so he could have a little space and some comfort.”

Bryant was tested for possible structural damage in his back. Garrett said the team was awaiting the results of those tests.

“We think ultimately it’s going to get under control,” Garrett said. “It’s a pretty significant injury, and he obviously couldn’t come back and play and really couldn’t walk until this morning.”


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