Dez Bryant says being booed by Cowboys’ fans hurt his heart

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had a breakout game with 12 catches for 145 yards, but still received some boos from the home crowd.

“I was hearing it. I was,” Bryant said, per USA Today Sports. “Man, that hurt my heart.”

Braynt was booed for going out-of-bounds instead of heading up field.  But he says he didn’t realize where he was on the field at the time.

“When I seen where we was at, I was like, Damn. I didn’t mean to do that,” Bryant says. “It’s not like me. It’s not like me to run out of bounds. I seen like four or five guys coming so I took a step out. I didn’t see the first down marker. That’s my bad. I should’ve known where we was at on the field.”

Cowboys’ fans will stop being hard on Bryant once he plays at a high level on a consistent basis.


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