Dez Bryant reportedly just as good if not better than the past two years

dez bryant 3Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has looked just as good or possibly better so far during training camp than he did over the past two years.

“Last year, Bryant became the first Cowboys wide receiver with back-to-back 90-catch seasons. He also earned his first Pro Bowl spot. Over the past two years he has 25 touchdowns. In training camp he has been just as good if not better. Bryant can do things athletically that only a few receivers in the NFL can do with his size, speed and athleticism. He can run through and by corners. He can jump over and around them. He gives Romo the ability to throw a bad pass and turn it into a long completion. He still has to fine-tune his route-running, but he is taking the role of leader in the receivers’ room seriously now that he is the most experienced Cowboy. Linehan’s past with Calvin Johnson should also help shake Bryant free from certain double-teams,” wrote Todd Archer of

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