Ex-Scout: Dez Bryant had worst background prior to draft

Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant didn’t have a clean slate when he was drafted in the first round by the team. According to NFL.com, a scout has said that Bryant has the worst background he’s ever seen.

Reading about Bryant’s background I’ll agree with that statement.

Dez Bryant was raised by a single, often absentee mother who spent 18 months in prison for selling crack cocaine. Dez Bryant grew up impoverished and without direction, which explains his “lack of life skills” and ignorance of basic adult responsibilities entering the NFL

Recently there has been a lot of talks about character and background with the recent arrest of Aaron Hernandez who also had a shady character which caused him to fall in the draft. While early (we hope Bryant can stay out of trouble), Bryant has shown not everyone with a bad background with have problems in the NFL. Then again, just a month ago Hernandez was also thought to have moved away from his past.

While a player’s past could definitely be red flags for future problems. It will be the scouts of the teams to figure out which ones will end up being worth it. And when the players age is typically 22, it ends up being a guessing game.



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    you make it seem like he has been some kind of model citizen….