Devin Hester is fine with only returning kicks

devin hester 4Devin Hester told The J Mack and Nate Vash Show WLS-AM (890) that he doesn’t have a problem with being a primary kick returner with the Bears this season under new head coach Marc Trestman.

“I’m fine with it,” Hester said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was kind of my idea to let me more focus on my kickoff and punt return thing. … It was more of my idea to do it.”

Hester says he spoke with coach Trestman and said they both agreed that he should go back to only returning kicks.

“Me and coach Trestman talked before I went home for the break and we came up with the idea that I would just go back to being a key return man — a punt return and kickoff return man — and a little bit more special teams,” Hester said. “That would be what I know as of now my role to be for the upcoming season.”

I thought the biggest mistake the Bears made a few years ago was when they had Hester experiment with being a wide receiver and having him only return kicks on a part time basis.