Devery Henderson reportedly a player to watch for the 49ers

According to John Clayton of ESPN, the San Francisco 49ers may end up bringing in wide receiver Devery Henderson to help them replace Michael Crabtree.



  1. rjs77 says

    Why would the 49ers need Henderson?
    Do outsiders think Henderson is needed for his speed?
    Here are some 40 yard dash times (sec)….
    Henderson – 4.41
    Current 49ers with speed and excellent skills
    Vernon Davis – 4.38
    AJ Jenkins – 4.37
    Kyle Williams – 4.40
    Ricardo Lockette – 4.34
    Quinton Patton – 4.48
    I do not expect the 49ers to reach for any outside talent when they already have some very good talent, and this list does not even include their new #1 wide receiver, Anquan Boldin.

  2. DBall says

    AJ Jenkins is a BUST. He will end up getting cut at the end of the year. Wasted draft pick!!! Kyle Williams can’t catch anything but he does muff punts well…Obviously Vernon will get a load of catches and I see Patton filling in nicely for Crabtree.

  3. says

    DBall you’re an idiot quit disrespecting A.J. Jenkins & Kyle Williams because let me tell you something Kyle Williams can catch and AJ Jenkins is not a bust

  4. Anonymous says

    Having speed and the ability to get open are 2 different things in the NFL. Even with Boldin on the roster, I’d say we are worse off at receiver than we were last year. We just can’t seem to put 2 quality wide outs on the field at the same time.

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