Detroit News will no longer refer to Washington’s football team as the “Redskins”

The Detroit News has announced that they’ll no longer refer to the Washington Redskins as the “Redskins,” per

Detroit News style updates:

Washington Redskins football team

The Detroit News will no longer use the team’s nickname, “Redskins,” in routine football coverage, reflecting the growing view that the term is offensive to many Americans. Last Wednesday, a federal board voted to cancel the Washington Redskins’ trademark, deeming the name “disparaging” of Native Americans. For our platforms, use Washington football team on first reference, except Washington (alone) is acceptable if the reference to the NFL team is clear. On second and subsequent references, use Washington where the context will make it clear to our readers we’re talking about the NFL team. It is acceptable to use the Washington Redskins identification in items that refer to the naming controversy.

The Detroit News has joined numerous other news outlets in boycotting the Redskins name.

  • John Kruger

    Bankrupt City….hahahaha…..

  • Kaedwon

    How often does the Detroit News refer to the team anyway? Smells like publicity stunt to me.

  • rtwman

    I’m sick of this talk that the Redskins need to change there name. I know alot of natives that love the name and are proud Redskin fans. What about them do you snatch the pride away? NOOOO
    Leave the team alone it’s a big distraction. People hate the simplist things even life and they go kill themselfs. So all the people that hate the name REDSKINS need to get a life……..

  • Deitwiler

    And the rest of the country will continue calling their team the “Detroit Kittens” — “Lions” NOT!