Despite optimism, Aaron Rodgers likely won’t return until December

Former San Diego Chargers lead physician Dr. David Chao doesn’t believe Aaron Rodgers will be able to return from his broken collarbone despite the fact that the Packers star is aiming to come back before Thanksgiving.

Based on injury mechanism analysis, I believe his fractured clavicle (collarbone) to be atypical. It does not seem to be a classic shaft break like the ones sustained by Chargers running back Ryan Mathews last season, both of which required plating surgery. It appears to be a non displaced (in normal place) distal (towards shoulder) clavicle fracture at the acromioclavicular (AC) joint. This type of injury explains his ability to jog off the field and look normal to most people.

Unlike many injuries, his return is not based on pain tolerance or his ability to throw/play. Rodgers needs to be given time for the bone to heal. With repeat trauma, the fracture is likely to displace (move) or comminute (shatter). This would likely lead to season-ending surgery.

Based on my experience, I feel Rodgers has a 4-6 week injury. The risk of rushing back is too great and the Packers medical staff won’t let that happen.

Our advice to Packers fans would be to not hold your breathe for Rodgers to come back before December.



  1. Robert Thomas says

    I have said on many posts that Rodgers would be out until the first game in Dec(which happens to be a home game.The last 2 losses at home is directly on the shoulders of Ted Thompson and no one else.

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