Despite Mark Davis’ growing desire to move to LA, NFL opposes move

raiders logoIt sounds like Raiders owner Mark Davis continues to eye a possible move back to Los Angeles.  The only problem is that the NFL doesn’t want them there.

“Davis has no long-term viable options in the Bay Area, short of perhaps sharing Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers, which he remains diametrically opposed to. He would love to move to Los Angeles and has intensified his desire to do so in recent months, spending oodles of time in the area, sources have said. The NFL, however, would prefer to give another ownership group the rights to Los Angeles — make no mistake, the road to LA goes through the league office in New York — as the Davis family already pulled out of Southern California once, and Davis doesn’t have the real estate, marketing and overall business expertise the league would demand for the coveted market,” wrote Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

  • SlyCat

    He can’t build in Oakland because he doesn’t have the money, and he can’t move back to Los Angeles because he doesn’t have the money…It kind of seems like he might be between a rock and a very hard place……Just win baby, and things just might work out…