Despite experience, Mark Sanchez still making rookie mistakes

mark sanchez

New York Jets’ (presumable) starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was drafted in the first round in the 2009 draft. Since he’s started in 68 games. Despite all that experience, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski says Sanchez is still making rookie mistakes that should be long gone by now.

The bottom line is Sanchez continues to make too many throws that a quarterback with his experience level should not make,” Jaworski said. “Sanchez is clearly trending downward in my evaluations. He has started 68 games in his NFL career, including the playoffs. The question now is whether he has what it takes to be a quality NFL starter. He has much to prove and a lot of work to do.

The fact that Jaworski said Sanchez is trending downward is not a surprise. In his first two years the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game while missing the playoffs all together in the years after. In the two AFC Championship years the New York Jets had a good running game which Jaworski says Sanchez needs to be able to succeed.

I was very disappointed in the overall play,” Jaworski said. “I believed Mark Sanchez entering his fourth season would improve. Instead, he regressed; his limitations further exposed. There’s only one way Sanchez can be successful as an NFL starter. That’s as a complementary piece in an offense whose foundation is a consistent running game. What does that mean? It means Sanchez’s ceiling is that of a mid-level starter, nothing more. He can only function as a system quarterback, in which his passing limitations can be minimized.

As far as Jaworski is concerned it looks like the verdict is in on Sanchez: a system quarterback.




  1. Paco Martinez says

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  2. Anonymous says

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