Desmond Bishop says he signed with the Vikings so he could face off against Aaron Rodgers

Linebacker Desmond Bishop told NFL AM that he signed with the Vikings not only to bolster their current crop of linebackers, but so he could face off against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers twice a year.

“It was part of the reason,” Bishop said, via “And if I can get a chance to play against Aaron Rodgers, I think that right there, in itself, is a motivation. You know, you want to play against the best. … When I was playing for Green Bay, the games I cherished … most was playing against the Vikings because I had a chance to play against (running back) Adrian Peterson. … That’s my mindset. I want to play against the best.”

Bishop says he’s 100 percent healthy after suffering a hamstring injury last year.  He believes he was let go by the Packers because of his health.

“It was really just a numbers game, I suppose,” Bishop said. “You know, it’s a lot of uncertainty with me coming back off this injury, and the two guys who played — A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones — they did a really good job. … Brad was up, so they had to make a move with him, and I guess they went with the sure bet … which is understandable from a business standpoint, so I don’t hold nothing against them.”



  1. Anonymous says

    Welcome. Hope you do better against Rogers then the Pack has done against Peterson. Nice to see a smart, aggressive linebacker added to the Purple.

  2. bruce wagner says

    I hope you are healthy and can make it through this year without anymore injuries. I hope the vikes will sign you to a long contract.

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