DeSean Jackson told Andy Reid he can’t take him off punt returns

Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson told NFL AM via that he told head coach Andy Reid that he can’t take him off punt returns.

“I play wide receiver, don’t get me wrong,” Jackson said. “I have to be focused on wide receiver. But as far as punt return, I told coach Reid he can’t take me off of that. I might not be starting throughout the whole game, but here and there at spot times when they need me to go in there and spark the team up and make a big return, that’s what I’m going to do. But we have to game plan for all of the other teams; there are 31 other teams so we can’t just let them know what we’re going to do.”

Now that Jackson has a new contract, the Eagles need make sure they get their money worth, because in my opinion he’s not a complete receiver to begin with.