DeSean Jackson says he doesn’t know if who his next agent will be

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson confirmed that he’s currently looking for a new agent, and was asked if he’s eyeing Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

“I don’t know right now,” Jackson said, per “It’s a lot of thoughts. The [reports] are what they are, but coming out of my mouth, I don’t know yet.”

Jackson was asked if possibly hiring Jay-Z could help his rap career.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” Jackson said. “I don’t know, man. Might be.”

Jackson says he fired Drew Rosehaus over “personal issues.”

“I think the best thing for me was to move different ways,” Jackson said. “Not to bad talk anyone … but for myself, I just think that was the best thing for me to do. I just really look forward to this big year. This year coming up is going to be a huge year for this team, myself.”

My guess is that Jackson is letting things cool down a little bit and then he’ll sign with Roc Nation Sports.


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