DeSean Jackson: Quarterback comepetition has been “kind of even”

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson told the NFL Network that everyone would love to know right now who their starting quarterback is going to be.

“The team wants to know too,” Jackson said, per the AP. “We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback.”

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly says it’s too early to make a decision.

“To make any decisions on who someone is from wearing shorts and T-shirts, doesn’t make sense to us,” Kelly said.

Jackson says the competition between Nick Foles and Michael Vick has been “kind of even.”

“I think they would both do a great job and we will be ready for the season,” he said.

Jackson reiterates that everyone is competing for a spot.

“Nothing is set in stone for anybody,” Jackson told the NFL Network. “Everybody on the team was able to go through first team, second team, third team. At the end of the day, I am very happy where I am at. I am not worried because at the end of the day I am going to out there, put my work in and do what I need to do to get my starting spot and keep it.”

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