DeSean Jackson: Not knowing the starting QB is affecting team

No one knows exactly who will be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles when the season starts. Receiver DeSeason Jackson had previously said if he had his way, he would want head coach Chip Kelly to chose before training camp begins in late July. Now, Jackson is saying that not knowing who the starting quarterback will be is affecting the team.

Via, Jackson elaborates on his comments.

“I definitely think it is,” Jackson said. “Just to have the sense of knowing so we can kind of prepare and go out there and do the things we need to do with who’s going to be the starter. Once again, it’s uncertain, so we don’t know. We have to go in there and do our jobs,” Jackson continued. “That’s what we get paid to do is to go in there and do our job. Chip Kelly gets paid to be the head coach and make those decisions. I’m sure him and Pat Shurmur are going to make a good job of putting the best guy out there to give us the best chance to win”

Kelly really needs to tell Jackson to stop talking. It is Kelly’s first year with the team and as a NFL head coach and his players certainly aren’t making his life any easier.


    Yaa know, that DeeShawwn Jaxon he suure knows’s his stuff re; qb Tim Teabowl and his own tieams not knowing who’s gonna chuck them the ball. chomp chomp (I’m chewing gum)
    So maybe MAYBE DeeShawn Jaxton with his infinite knowledge about qb’s & the game & shit, maybe he outta be the g.d. head coach.
    Yea, thatis’ it’ he knows a bunch a stuff and outta be the head coach…..yea



    Go TIEAM GO!! Oh, wait, there is NO “I” in team.