DeSean Jackson gives Michael Vick the edge over Nick Foles

desean jackson

Philadelphia Eagles’ receiver DeSean Jackson has already given his opinion on who he thinks will be his starting quarterback. That didn’t stop Jackson from once again speaking up about the competition.

Jackson gives Michael Vick the edge in the quarterback competition over Nick Foles on ESPN’s First Take.

In my opinion, honestly, I don’t want to be put on the spot,” DeSean Jackson said. “But Michael Vick’s got a lot of confidence in himself. He’s been there going on 12 years in the NFL, and I think he’ll get the job. I think Michael Vick will probably be the starter, but we still don’t know. I think Chip Kelly’s going to keep everybody honest.

Jackson also gives his opinion on why he thinks Vick has struggled the past two years.

They tried to switch his playing skills up a little bit, try to sit back and just be a pocket passer,” Jackson said. “Michael Vick is a quarterback that uses his legs first and foremost. When things break down, that’s what he’s got to depend on. He can’t sit back there and just take hits. . . . To try to get a Michael Vick to stay in the pocket when things shut down, that’s hard to do.

I actually think Jackson makes a great point there. Andy Reid tried to transform Vick into a traditional, defense-reading, pocket-passing quarterback and that’s just not Vick’s game. It’s also fair to wonder if the abuse Vick’s received the past two years slowed him down to the point where he lost what once made him one of the most electrifying players in the NFL.

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