DeSean Jackson continues to throw up Crip gang signs (Photo)

You have to wonder if the NFL will monitor Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.  Either he has some affiliation to the famous Crips gang or he’s a fake gangster.

Jackson posted a photo of himself on Instagram throwing up a Crips sign.

He also did it earlier in the season against the Redskins.


[ Larry Brown Sports ]

  • Crip Lee

    Does that look like a “C” Cuz?

  • chris

    its funny how people just assume that Desean Jackson is a gang member cause he put up a “Crip sign” but in the same pic he is wearing red.the color of the bloods. Some people need to think before they accuse people of shit.

    • Anonymous

      That is a sign for neighborhood crip it is actually a lower case n

  • Anonymous

    Wow..that’s a crip sign? I think not!

  • Derka

    it looks more like a sidways “V” for vag, as in he likes them.

  • Bruce

    Not even close guy! Did the crips change their name to vrips?

  • Mr. L-D O.G

    That hardly looks like anything representing a “C”….. LMAO!!!!! Wowsers. Better learn your signs homey!!!