Dennis Dixon believes he has a good chance to win the Eagles’ starting job

Quarterback Dennis Dixon believes told Birds 24/7 that he believes he has a shot to win the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting job.

“From my understanding, the job is open,” Dixon said. “It’s going to be a very competitive nature around here. It’s pretty much open. May the best man win.”

I think Dixon has a shot at winning the job even though I still believe Michael Vick has plenty of football left in him.

Vick also certainly has the upper hand since the Eagles are scheduled to pay him $10 million in 2013.



  1. Chris says

    please do not write an article when you you dont even know the fax. Vick is owed nothing beyond the 3.5 million bounus. He gets nothing more if he does not start and even if he does he only gets 3.5 more and incentives. So stop posting until you learn to check your fax

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