Dennis Allen expects Carson Palmer to be the Raiders’ quarterback in 2013

Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen indicated today that their plan is to have Carson Palmer as their starting quarterback going into 2013.

“That’s the plan. Carson had a really good year last year. Threw for over 4,000 yards,” said Allen, per Evan Silva of

The Raiders are currently $2.4 million over the salary cap.  If they release Palmer they will save $15 million.  It makes sense for them to cut him and then try to re-sign him at a lower salary.


  • Mike Francesa’s unclipped toenails

    carson palmer got most of his stats when the raiders were down by 3 td’s in the the 4th quarter. aka garbage time. denis allen needs his clock cleaned b/c he says a lot of dumb sh*t for someone who is an nfl head coach. i don’t see him being a HC in the nfl much longer.

  • Anonymous

    Come on allen get palmer out of there he aint that good and he sucks at qourterback he has more iterseptions just look at his past and the team dont work well with him