Dennis Allen didn’t know Terrelle Pryor’s knee was hindering him

Following this past Sunday’s loss to the Giants,  Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor told the media that his knee bothering him quite a bit during the game.

Oakland head coach Dennis Allen says he didn’t know Pryor’s knee was an issue.

“No, that was never expressed to me,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said via “But, listen, I watched the game. You could tell that he wasn’t totally 100 percent. So, we just got to go and talk about it. We got to make sure that if he’s healthy enough to go, then he’s up and can go and be effective for us.”

Pryor has been struggling over the past few games.  You have to wonder if it’s injury related,  or the fact that opposing defenses may be catching up now that they have film to study on him.



  • Larry Savage

    Who are they kidding, the Raiders are still in need of a QB. Give the second string QB a shot, it is absolutely awful watching TP give games away! It is only going to get worse. Don’t blame it all on the offense line, his decision making and reads is never going to get better. He does not have what it takes, if Allen is serious he needs to be let go also!!