Dennis Allen on Derek Carr: “One of the smartest quarterbacks that I have had an opportunity to interview”

derek carrRaiders head coach Dennis Allen raved about rookie quarterback Derek Carr after recently taking him in the second round of last week’s draft.

“He’s a great competitor,” Allen told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday, per the San Francisco Chronicle. “He’s very fiery, which you can see on the tape. Although he may not be fiery off the field. And, he’s incredibly intelligent, one of the smartest quarterbacks that I have had an opportunity to interview.
“We were very fortunate that he fell to us in the second round.”


  1. Theoldsarge says

    Derek is the real deal. His brother was a #1 draft choice several years ago, to Houston. They were a 1st year team and had a horrible O line. David Carr set the record for being sacked more than anyone else in history. He really got banged up good.
    Derek is a great husband and Father. When they had their son, the little boy was born with a very bad problem, could have cost him his life, and Derrick was was by his bedside all night, and he would leave the hospital for a few hours to go to the field not to let down his teammates, than back to the hospital. His team loved him, the fans love him, he is a good Christian young man and a great husband. He is an all American boy off the field, not going to parties. loves spending his time with wife, son, and family. He is a great kid, really a gold struck for Oakland. And as an extra added attraction, did he not lead the country in scoring. He is a super QB…

  2. profootballzone says

    It would have been interesting to see what David Carr would have done with a better line and weapons

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