Dennis Allen: Matt Flynn didn’t play well

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was asked if he thought about benching Matt Flynn for Matt McGloin during the game.

“Not really. I just didn’t feel like that was a better option. I think Matt Flynn was our best option to give us a chance and we didn’t play well enough,” said Allen, per

Allen says the sacks that Flynn gave up hurt them.

“Obviously, I don’t think he saw the field very good today. I think he was obviously part of some of the sacks that we gave up in the game. It was a tough situation for him to go in to and obviously, with the loss of McFadden and Reece that didn’t help him out any. Offensively, we didn’t get it done and that’s really the bottom line.”

He continued, “Really it’s being about seeing the field and what I talk about is seeing coverage and being able to deliver the ball, so some of those sacks are partly on him and partly on protection. Everybody is involved in that, but that’s what I’m talking about.”

The good news is that Terrelle Pryor should be ready for next week’s game.