DeMaurice Smith says NFL bounty program “never existed”

During an interview with CBS News, DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association executive director stated that there isn’t any evidence of a bounty program.

“Having seen nearly 50,000 pages of evidence and nearly 20 hours of testimony, I know that there was no bounty put on players by Saints players,” said Smith.

Smith also shared his disappointment in the NFL.

“I’m disappointed in the National Football League and certainly in the way they conducted an investigation because I now know having read and seen all of the testimony that there was certainly no evidence that the bounties existed and frankly, I was a prosecutor in [Washington, D.C.] for 10 years. I understand how to do investigations. And the investigation that the league did was sloppy, the investigation that they did was more outcome-focused than frankly process-focused.”

Smith believes the NFL should apologize to the players.

“First and foremost, they should say they’re sorry because they’ve maligned the character of good players,” Smith said, and then added, “and if they certainly believe that they are right, the one thing that Roger Goodell could do is simply release the transcripts and we will all know the truth.”


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