DeMarcus Ware says media twisted his words when he said it was time for Romo to “put up or shut up”

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware says the media twisted his words last month when he reportedly said that quarterback Tony Romo needs to “put up or shut up” this coming season.

“They’re going to twist the words that you can change,” Ware said, per the Dallas Morning News. “So I talked to Romo about that. It didn’t come across as it was personified as. I tell them when it’s time to play you put everything else behind you and put your best foot forward.”

Ware says the message is for everyone on the team.

“That’s everybody,” he said. “When you get out there it’s put up or shut up. It’s produce or don’t get on the field.”

I don’t think the media twisted anything.  I believe Ware realized what he said afterwards and is cleaning things up now.



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