DeMarcus Ware would like to practice more in 2014

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett made it clear last month that he wants to see DeMarucs Ware practicing more in 2014 after missing so much time due to injuries this past season.

Ware seems to agree.

“I feel when I practice more or just practice in general I do play better,” Ware said via “When you’re out there, you do your reps, you’ve seen it, but there’s nothing like simulating going against full speed.”

Ware is always looking to play through any type of injury.

“My mentality is if there’s anything, I’m going to play through it,” Ware said. “If you want me to play in a game, I’m going to give all I got. What I would do in practice, the contact stuff I wouldn’t make it through it so I wouldn’t do it. Let me get a couple of run plays in here so I can see the runs, see the plays and what they do. With the pass rush, if we’ve got some stunts, I want to go through that so I got the timing right.”