Delanie Walker to players: Not the media’s fault when you get arrested

Ever since Tennessee Titans’ tight end Delanie Walker tragically lost his aunt and uncle to a drunk driver hours after playing in the Super Bowl this year, he has been working with MADD to advocate against drunk driving.

With so many of is colleagues doing the very thing he’s fighting against, Walker says the players need to hold themselves responsible in an interview with Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

As players, we have to take responsibilities for our actions,” Delanie Walker said. “We can’t blame others. I will say, though, a lot of players feel like the media highlights the guys that screw up more than the guys who do right. A guy can one day donate money to charity, and that’s not covered. But a guy gets a DUI, and that’s covered. When this happens, it makes us all out to be bad guys when we’re not

While condemning the media for perusing negativity on one hand, on the other he says the players know what the media is after, and to not be surprised when they get caught doing dumb stuff.

What I tell players is that you are looked at everywhere you go,” Delanie Walker said. “Someone is always trying to get something on you. If you go into a bar and get into a fight, it will become public. That’s on you, not the media

With all the blemishes the NFL is receiving with the arrests of its’ players, it’s good to see the players that are trying to make a difference for the good not only on the field, but off the field as well.