Deion Sanders on Johnny Manziel: “He’s a good kid”

deionsanders.jpgHall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders was a guest on 105.3 The Fan with Shan and RJ and made it clear that he loves Browns rookie Johnny Manziel.

“The quarterback mold was created by Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady,” said Sanders. “When we don’t see [partying] from those guys, we kind of think it’s wrong because we don’t see it. That does not mean that Johnny Manziel has done one thing wrong. We just haven’t seen something of his kind. I like it. I love change.”

Sanders says Manziel hasn’t done anything wrong for the media to report every little thing he does.

“The kid hasn’t done anything. They’re putting him out there like he’s Justin Bieber — like he’s egging folks on and doing wild and rich folks stuff. He’s not doing stuff like that. He’s a good kid.”

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