Bears might use Devin Hester as a gunner next year

Devin Hester wants to retire. Devin Hester is only going to return kicks. Devin Hester is ok just returning kicks.

We sure are hearing a lot about Devin Hester and his role with the Bears this upcoming season. We know they aren’t going to be using Hester to catch balls, so besides returning them, what else can he do?

According to Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune, Bears special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis plans to use Hester on the coverage team as a gunner.

“The biggest thing about a great gunner sometimes is the guy who can get their [sic] fastest.We had a guy in Denver long time ago, he was an Olympic sprinter named Sam GraddySam wasn’t the best tackler in the world, but he sure caused a lot of fair catches. So hopefully we can expand (Hester’s) role and see what happens.”

Even if the Bears don’t plan on using Hester on offense, you still want to take care of your valuable players. Using him as a gunner just opens him up to more injury.  A great point made by DeCamillis,however, is by using Hester as a gunner, his speed in getting down field could cause a lot of fair catches and who knows, maybe also a couple fumbled ones.