DeAngelo Hall wants Mike Shanahan back in 2014

deangelo hall

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall fully endorses head coach Mike Shanahan and his staff and wants to see them back in 2014.

“I absolutely would endorse these guys,” Hall said at Redskins Park. “I think a big part of success is to have some stability. I think anybody who has had success in this league would tell you that. But, like I said, I think the biggest ingredient was just getting the right guys and I think we’ve done that. I think we’ve definitely done that, get the right guys. We had some setbacks over the last couple years with the [salary] cap penalty and things like that. So it’s kind of hard to get a whole lot better. … This season, we’ve just got to finish out as strong as possible; then next year I’m definitely looking forward to this team just being a contender for years to come.”

Hall believes they have the right guys to win.

“A big reason I came back was just to be around these guys in this locker room,” said Hall, via the Washington Post. “Obviously it hasn’t turned out the way we all would have liked it to. But you’ll never see anybody in this locker room quit. And that’s something that you probably couldn’t have said five, six years ago. Coach Shanahan has definitely got the right kind of guys in this locker room. So it’s on us now to kind of put the finishing touches on it and win some ballgames.”

Hall says they’re not going to quit this season.

“It’s five games left,” he said. “It has to be a mind-set. You can take it one of two ways: ‘Five games left, let’s hurry up and get this over.’ Or, ‘Five games left to go out there and show people what you got.’ And I think we’ve got a group of guys who want to show everybody what we’re made of. We’re kind of disappointed. I know I’m disappointed myself there’s only five games left. I want to keep playing. I love going out there on the field with this group of guys. I tell these guys all the time, ‘This group is gonna never be the same.’ No matter how many guys stay from this year to next year, it won’t be the same. And you’ve got to cherish the opportunity to play with the guys in this locker room because, like I said, it won’t ever be the same group of guys out here playing together.”

I agree with Hall.  I think Shanahan deserves at least one more season to get things right.  Two years with Robert Griffin III isn’t enough time to make a judgment on him.




  1. Anonymous says

    Mike Shanahan should stay, Kyle needs to go. Get a good experienced offensive coordinator and this team will be much better.

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